Martin Joseph
Independent Management and Technology Operations and Services

including particular expertise in
Human Factors Analysis, Secure/Encrypted Data Mining, Knowledge Acquisition and Interpretation
for Critical Corporate and Institutional Requirements

Investigation -- Analysis -- Explanation -- Defense -- Solution
spanning Personnel, Infrastructure, Clientele, Competitor Domains

Providing the unique personal bridge of knowledge, communication skills and problem-solving, serving as the special link for decision-makers and stakeholders to maximize gain from those methods, tools and other technical experts. I provide the guarantee for reliable, discrete, and efficient delivery of Timely Critical Solutions with minimal risk.

I provide something that no other company or individual including many skilled persons in computer science, AI and cybersecurity can deliver - the ability to strategically and accurately bridge the gaps between "technical" matters and executive management, finance control, and administration. This is an acquired and carerfully refined skillset centering upon Personal Human Communication and Intelligence ("Humint").

Clients Served (selected list)
AAI,   ARA,   Anthem-Wellpoint,   BAE,   Bloomberg,   Boeing,   BP,   Capital One,   Credit Suisse,   DARPA,   DHS,   DIA,   Deloitte,   Deutsche Bank,   Exxon-Mobil,   Federal Reserve Bank,   GE,   Gartner,   Gesiecke Devriant,   Goldman Sachs,   IAEA,   Intel,   Interpol,   KPMG,   KLA-Tencor,   Merck,   MITRE,   Morgan Stanley,   Northrop-Grumman,   Oberthur,   Pfizer,   Raytheon,   SAIC,   Schlumberger,   Solutia,   ST Microelectronics,   Sberbank,   SunTrust Bank,   Thomas de la Rue,   Trigon,   US Dept. of Defense,   US Treasury,   Vnestorgbank

Locations and Environments
Onsite and remote operations history (onsite projects completed):

  • USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil
  • UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Russia
  • Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India
  • Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia

Resources Employed (selected list)
Activity-based intelligence
Exploitation analysis and countermeasures
Cyber operations planning and CARVER methods
Alternative compensatory control measures
Asymmetric and symmetric encryption - conventional, novel and exploratory
---- including RSA, AES, Diffie-Hellman, El Gamal, PGP, Rijndael, Elliptic Curve (ECC, ECDSA)
Machine learning and evolution
---- Bayesian, Biometric, Genetic, Neural, Logic/rule-based, Quantum, Statistical, SVM, Thermodynamic
ETL, MPP, and VLDB data mining
Homomorphic encryption models and applications
Agent-based and botnet architectures and defenses
Anomaly and intrusion detection and countermeasures
Behavior modeling, profiling and predictive analysis
Insider threat modeling, detection and tracking
Industrial and financial espionage countermeasures
Vulnerability assessment and monitoring
Asset validation and protection
Risk factor investigation and evaluation

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Specific Qualifications, Full CV, References and Verifications Available to Prospective Clients

Abstracts (selected) --- full papers and reports available after initial discussions

Protocols and Terms: Retained Contract basis -- comparable to Legal Expert Witness Consulting Services






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(Most frequently based in USA, France and Russia)

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