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Martin Joseph
Independent Management and Technology Operations and Services

including particular expertise in
Human Factors Analysis, Secure/Encrypted Data Mining, Knowledge Acquisition and Interpretation
for Critical Corporate and Institutional Requirements

Investigation -- Analysis -- Explanation -- Defense -- Solution
spanning Personnel, Infrastructure, Clientele, Competitor Domains

What You Will Ask and Want to Know

(Note: This page is still in preparation and revision.)

1. What exactly do I bring to your institution that you do not already have?
Over thirty years of working in the intersection of intelligence, information, management and human domains of
detection, investigation, analysis, evaluation, critical review, and decision processes
with the refined, mature abilities to apply
scientific, technical, and mathematical prowess
in manners that are intelligible and practical for business, financial and legal management
along with
clear human communication, dialog and observation
in order that the organization and its stakeholders will stay ahead of the game and out of harm's way.
2. How does this differ from and strengthen what you may already have in your management, security and cybersecurity staff and resources?
Among other very important things, I do not have an "agenda" or any "dependency" linked to specific technologies, products, tools, or people. I Work For YOU - the CEO and the C-Level Team and the Board. Your Health, Wealth and Success is what I am devoted to protecting, ensuring, maintaining, sustaining and increasing. You receive what you want and need with no strings or ropes or chains attached.
3. What about conflicts of interest, time commitments, and all the usual factors and concerns?
We address these at the very beginning, in the first conversation. You will be assured that you will not meet a person who is more adept and proper when it comes to confidentiality and the proper handling of sensitive information. There will be no conflicts of interest in our relationship.
4. Do I work mainly onsite or remotely?
Both. And/Or. All depending on your Needs, your problems, and what I need to do with respect to other people and components of the organization. If the job needs to be done, and we agree, then the Job Gets Done ERight and On Time.
5. What about travel?
The Earth is round, not flat. I go to where you need me to be. Wherever and whenever, as per the terms we define for our working relationship.
6. What about all the advanced technology that you see mentioned in my brief introduction, bio, and CV? How does that all fit in?
You may not need everything all at once, but it certainly is good and wiuse to have all this at your disposal.
I can assure you that the combination of aggressive cyberthreats and cyberwarfare, combined with the absolute need for intelligent predictive analytics, is Important for You. The combination that I possess will enable us to make use of your data resources - your own secure client databases, your own internal "general communications" and "day-to-day" data exchanges - properly and effectively and profitably.
This is precisely the goldmine - the motherlode - of information that you possess, at your fingertips, literally. Using your goldmine properly will make the difference between being successful or failing, between growing and diminishing, between being where you desire to be in 1, 2, 5, 10 years and being an acquisition or a write-off to someone else's growing and thriving enterprise.
About all the AI (artificial intelligence), Homomorphic Encryption, and Predictive Analytics - we will talk about this in your office and also over the course of a pleasant meal. Business is Life. Serious and pleasurable things go together. This is the Classical approach, and I believe strongly in the Classics, on all levels of behavior, performance and delivery.

(More to come - but the best thing for you to do right now is to sit back, think, and pick up your phone and call me. That is how we begin to Get Things Done. Early. Ahead of Time. And very importantly - ahead of your Competitors and your Real Enemies.






    martinjoseph@tdyn.org --or-- martin.dudziak@gmail.com

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