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Martin Joseph
Independent Management and Technology Operations and Services

including particular expertise in
Human Factors Analysis, Secure/Encrypted Data Mining, Knowledge Acquisition and Interpretation
for Critical Corporate and Institutional Requirements

Investigation -- Analysis -- Explanation -- Defense -- Solution
spanning Personnel, Infrastructure, Clientele, Competitor Domains

This page and other industry-focus pages are in preparation and will be available in early 2017. Simply contact me directly to learn more, today.

Points of Attention

This article (BBC News, 28.Dec.2016) illustrates very clearly why attorneys and law firms need expertise such as I provide for addressing, preventing, and solving problems of this sort before they occur. This kind of problem is Very Expen$ive and can be Di$a$trou$ for any firm and anyone's promising career.
§ Trio accused of $4M 'insider deal' accomplished by multiple hacking intrusions into law firm databases and email accounts

Here are a few other articles on this topic. I am critical and also suspicious about some of the contents and certain claims made in general-press articles such as these, but for the most part they are informative. If you would like to know what I and other experts have to say about these matters in particular, then contact me.
§ Why are law firms targeted with cyberattacks?

§ A Brief History Of Law Firm Cyberattacks

§ Law firms should take preventive measures against cyberattacks

Here are some articles from within the legal community. The same caveats and concerns also apply, and I am quite receptive to helping you and your firm to understand the details, the unclarity as well, and the deeper ramifications from the points made herein.
§ Facing the cyberattack to your [law] firm

§ Cyber risk: Why cyber security is important

§ Hacker's Delight: Law Firm Risk and Liability in the Cyber Age

§ CISA Guidance Clarifies How to Share Cyber Threat Information… but Issues Remain





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